Rosalind Welch | Social Media Strategist 

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"Rosalind is a gifted writer and PR executive. She makes you feel confident in her ability to get the results that you need. I would highly recommend her services. I look forward to working with her in the near future."

Tracy A. - Creative Entertainment Executive

Rosalind Welch, CEO Sienna Communications


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Principal Consultant | Digital Marketing | Social Media

I've been involved in marketing business start-ups, software products, authors & their books, entertainers, non-profits, conferences, speakers and much more.  Click the video above and learn all about my adventures in online marketing and social media.

For over a decade, Rosalind has helped new and small businesses get the word out
about their product, service or brand using digital marketing techniques that provide
the best results.
Rosalind grasps the dynamics of each client's business and providing these clients
with on-going strategic direction in digital and social communications best practices
that align with the client's brand objectives, goals, and overall business strategy.

She specializes in the implementation of social media strategy for each business that
produces three things:
(1) Create an effective online presence and content strategy that helps small
business gain and grow an active audience;
(2) Help small businesses develop positive reputations and brand loyalty;
(3) and transform that loyal audience into satisfied customers and clients.
Rosalind will provide simple tips, steps, and strategies to help you grow audience,
produce leads and boost sales.

Rosalind is currently CEO of Sienna Communications where she has assisted many
local organizations in social media marketing. She has been a freelance writer for
over 20 years and authored “The Real Deal on Telecommuting” and sold over
10,000 copies subsequently developing a blog/social networking community around
the topic of telecommuting and small business. She holds a degree from Cal State
Univ. East Bay in Communications.