Rosalind Welch | Social Media Strategist 



You don't know where to start and what's the most effective strategies for my particular business.  I don't have time to waste searching, researching and learning stuff I don't need to know.

In this service package...

Rosalind will work with you as a partner to build your organization’s marketing program.  The most successful professionals, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business leaders use the services of a coach to tap into their full potential.  Coaches are notorious for learning your team’s strength and weaknesses and working hard to get the most productivity out of the team. Let Rosalind work with your organization, using her experience and insight to help you avoid costly mistakes and increase success. 


You need someone who can assess the situation, recognize the problem and give you no-nonsense actionable solutions.

If you want to improve or fix a specific marketing competent or challenge that is hindering your company’s success, this is the best service package for you.

Rosalind finds solutions that will allow your business to reach the next level of success.  Rosalind will delve into her considerable experience, research capabilities, and professional contacts to give you actionable steps that will assist you in your marketing needs.  Let Sienna Communications do the heavy lifting, the heavy thinking, the research, and the testing so you can direct your valuable time and energy on growing your business.


You're on a few social media sites, but you're so busy you don't have the time to figure out what you should say, how you should say it, and where & when to place it after you create it.  

If so, We're here to Help!

When you have a handle on your social media networks, you’ve already created a social media marketing strategy, but you and your staff just don’t have the time to create good content: posts, articles, memes, infographics, images, audio or video that will excite your audience and get them to engage and ultimately become devoted customers. 

Sienna Communications Delivers:

  • Research and monitor news & events that matter to your audience

  • Research and understand your potential customers’ interests, questions, and challenges

  • Help you create content that provides solutions to your audience’s problems

  • Create great content that your audience will want to share over and over again, establishing your company as an industry expert!